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About RISE

RISE is part of the Newcastle Gateshead ICB, NHS and DFE Mental Health in Schools programme. We work in schools and colleges and support young people with moderate mental health needs. This could mean working directly with individual students, running group sessions, or helping teachers shape lesson plans or assemblies. 

How RISE improves wellbeing

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How we improve children's wellbeing

At RISE, we want to support as many pupils as possible. That’s why we take the ‘whole school approach’. 

This means, as well as working directly with young people who need structured support, we also work alongside teachers to plan lessons and deliver training in how to manage specific mental health issues.

By enabling professionals and parents to better support young people’s wellbeing, we aim to reach more young people in the long term.

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What can RISE help with?

At RISE, we offer low intensity support for children and young people coping with mild to moderate mental health needs. Our Education Mental Health Practitioners will tailor sessions based on young person needs but themes may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Emotional literacy and regulation
  • Low confidence/self-esteem
  • Sleep
  • Exam stress

If issues are more complex such as suicide ideation, gender fluidity, psychosis, eating disorders and serious self-harm, our partners can offer more specialist support.

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Wellbeing resources

We have a range of resources for children, young people, professionals and parents that offer practical tips to feel more in control and become more resilient in managing emotional wellbeing and mental health.